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Disability & Life Insurance

Help your employees safeguard their futures

Disability and life insurance options tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Disability and life insurance create great value for you and your employees. Adding this coverage to your employee benefits helps you stand out in the market and retain top talent.

Slate Small Business Solutions offers short-term and long-term disability plans and term life insurance that meet the specific needs of small businesses with 1 to 50 employees. We work with all major carriers and are adept at helping entrepreneurs, micro-businesses and growing companies find quality coverage at affordable rates.

Why disability and life insurance?

• Illness and injuries happen more often than you may think
• Many families lack the financial resources to handle an extended absence from work or a sudden death
• Disability insurance helps make up lost income during recovery
• Life insurance provides ongoing financial security
• Payments can cover bills, groceries, household expenses—it’s up to you

Short-term disability insurance is especially popular as a safeguard among employees. Pregnancy, injury, illness, cancer treatments—these are just a few of the common short-term disability claims that coverage can support. In lieu of paid maternity coverage, some small businesses offer short-term disability benefits as a workplace benefit.

Long-term disability insurance helps replace part of a paycheck, if you’re unable to work for months or even years. It helps replace lost income over an extended period of time, for more sustainable benefits than those provided with a typical accident insurance policy.

Life insurance provides financial security for loved ones. As a small business, you can offer term life options that are affordable for you and your employees. Group term life plans are available with guaranteed issue amounts based on the number of eligible employees. Coverage can be employer or employee funded.

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